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Monday, February 27, 2023

Announcing the 3rd Canadian consensus manuscript: First Line Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Transplant Ineligible Multiple Myeloma

To address the needs of physicians and people diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Myeloma Canada has been leading the development of Canadian evidence-based consensus guidelines to improve, standardize, and educate physicians on the management of myeloma in Canada.


Today, we are pleased to announce the recent publication of a third Canadian consensus manuscript, "First Line Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Transplant Ineligible Multiple Myeloma". Authors: Dr Julie Côté (Quebec City, QC), Dr Rami Kotb (Winnipeg, MB), Dr Debra Bergstrom (St John’s, NL), Dr Richard LeBlanc (Montreal, QC), Dr Hira Mian (Hamilton, ON), Dr Ibraheem Othman (Regina, SK), Dr Martha Louzada (London, ON).

The manuscript describes the best-practice approach to the first-line treatment of transplant ineligible myeloma, with the aim of achieving the best possible response while limiting toxicity and avoiding treatment complications. It focuses on eligibility for transplant, frailty assessment, management of adverse events, assessment of treatment response, and monitoring for disease relapse. The main objective is to provide clinicians with concise recommendations upon which treatment decisions can be made. 

Congratulations to all the authors, reviewers and collaborators for their dedicated work on this important publication.

Click here to download the manuscript.