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When signs and symptoms return

A relapse is when myeloma returns or becomes active again after a period of treatment.

Experiencing a relapse in your multiple myeloma can be very stressful, and while you may have lived with multiple myeloma for some time, relapse and disease progression can be a devastating emotional blow.

You may experience feelings of distress or fear, mixed with hope, as you navigate this stage of the disease while also exploring options for new treatments and planning for the future.

Pause, rewind, rewatch

Learn more about relapse and refractory myeloma in our educational videos.

Experiencing a Relapse
in Multiple Myeloma

Relapsed Refractory
Myeloma & What to Expect

Understanding Multiple
Myeloma Relapse

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To help support your mental health and determine how wellness strategies fit into your overall treatment plan, Myeloma Canada created “Mental Well-being and Relapse: A resource guide for people living with myeloma.”


Life continues

Many patients live full and productive lives for years after diagnosis, even after experiencing a relapse. Watch the video to hear Susan McDowell’s story of life after relapse.

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Hear from more people about their experiences with relapse.