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Support groups can be invaluable as you learn to cope and live with a myeloma diagnosis. Not only do they provide important information about the disease and its treatment, but they’re a safe space to meet and share with others who understand first-hand the journey you’re on.

Meet others living with myeloma, their caregivers and families at a myeloma support group near you.

Myeloma Canada has a growing network of support groups throughout the country. Some groups hold in-person meetings, while others schedule online or telephone meetings. Depending on your preference, you have access to a support group that can help, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Finding a group in your area is easy. Simply use the map or drop-down menus below. Once you’ve chosen your area, a list of groups will appear. Click on the group you’re interested in learning more about and then contact the local Support Group Leader.


Myeloma Canada’s online (virtual) support groups offer the opportunity to connect with people with similar myeloma experiences across Canada

Due to popular demand, Myeloma Canada has created 6 online (virtual) Facebook support groups. These are closed groups, offering a safe environment for users to connect and exchange with others that face the same or similar unique challenges of living with, or providing care for someone with myeloma.

These virtual support groups eliminate geographical and language barriers (thanks to the Facebook translate button), and information shared is not visible to the general public. Members must request to join a group in order to become a virtual support group member.

All of Myeloma Canada’s online support groups are monitored and led by Michelle Oana, Director of Development and Community Relations at Myeloma Canada. To request membership to any of the virtual support groups, click on the links below.

Myeloma Canada Caregiver Support Group

Myeloma Canada Young Patients and Caregivers Support Group

Myeloma Canada Patient and Caregiver Support Group (for all ages)

Myeloma Canada Support Group for Francophones

Myeloma Canada: Myeloma & AL Amyloidosis Support Group

Myeloma Canada Support Group for Canadian veterans/ex-military and caregivers impacted by myeloma

Myeloma Peer Support Volunteers know what you’re going through.

All Myeloma Peer Support volunteers are individuals from within our Myeloma Canada community. Each person has first-hand experience either living with myeloma, or as caregivers to someone with the disease. Volunteers are carefully selected and trained to provide you with the confidential, one-on-one peer support you’re looking for. There is no fee for this program.

How do I request Myeloma Peer Support?

Signing up to speak with a Myeloma Peer Support volunteer is quick and easy: Simply email us at [email protected] and indicate Myeloma Peer Support in the subject line.

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Myeloma Peer Support volunteers know what you’re going through

These volunteers are your true peers. Their experience may help you better understand, manage or cope, and provide you with a different perspective, valuable ideas, and insights. Speaking directly and privately with a Myeloma Peer Support volunteer may offer you a different level of comfort,
knowing that they too, “have been there.”