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March 21, 2024


  • Spring has sprung!
  • You guys are red hot: Update on 2024 Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month
  • Gear up for a cause: Bike to Beat Myeloma!
  • It’s here! Find YOUR myeloma community with MC LOUNGE!
  • Pesticides and myeloma
  • Promotion of Aidan Robertson to the position of Health Policy and Advocacy Advisor!
  • Spotlight on Jessica Slack: Finding myeloma by fluke
  • Myeloma Canada InfoSessions
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada Webinar
  • Fundraisers of every kind
  • and more!

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February 23, 2024


  • New campaign
  • 15th annual Myeloma Canada Scientific Roundtable
  • Myeloma Canada Grants: Now accepting 2024 applications!
  • Selinexor is now funded in Manitoba!
  • Reassessment of the relevance of introducing pathogen reduction technologies into the production of labile blood products (red blood cells, plasma, and platelets) in Quebec.
  • Announcing our 2024 Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month campaign!
  • Get your pedal on: Bike to beat myeloma!
  • Introducing the latest addition to our educational resources: Managing Myeloma in Rural and Remote Areas InfoGuide
  • NEW! Za’atar Turmeric Chicken recipe
  • Spotlight on Lilowtie Ramdass: Through the eyes a daughter and caregiver
  • The next Myeloma Canada Patient and Caregiver Conference will be held in Toronto on March 22, 2024!
  • Myeloma Canada Webinars
  • Announcing “The Classics”: A Musical celebration for myeloma in London, ON

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January 26, 2024


  • New treatments coming to the forefront
  • Elranatamab approved by Health Canada
  • Announcing: Myeloma Canada’s new website!
  • New InfoSheet: Understanding relapsed/refractory myeloma!
  • Scaling new heights: Join us and rappel to repel myeloma!
  • Score big together: Join our fundraising collaboration with the Laval Rocket!
  • Run for Myeloma: Join us at the Marathon Beneva de Montréal
  • Spotlight on Megan and Dwight Gardiner: Supporting our loved ones and others is key

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January 17, 2024


  • Myeloma Canada achieved accreditation for the Imagine Canada Standards Program
  • December 2023 myeloma research updates
  • Travel insurance coverage for myeloma patients
  • CAR T-cell therapy delays
  • Call to action by the immunocompromised community
  • Clinical Trials Quebec, a brand-new information and services hub for all things clinical research
  • New Myeloma Canada educational resources on Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) and palliative care
  • Giving Tuesday keeps on giving!
  • Your Voice Matters: Feedback on and for Myeloma Canada
  • Spotlight on Ashley Dieks: I refuse to stop for myeloma!
  • In the community: latest fundraising activities

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November 23, 2023


  • Announcing our newest partnership with the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance!
  • UCalgary and AHS researchers discover how multiple myeloma cells become resistant to immunotherapy
  • Congress of the “Association québécoise des coordonnateurs d’accès aux médicaments en oncologie” (AQCAMO)
  • Legislative action campaign to close Blood Cancer Awareness Month in Ontario
  • The Health eMatters conference: an inspiring 3rd edition!
  • Giving Tuesday is coming!
  • Critical insights to help Myeloma Canada: Response required please!
  • Myeloma Canada’s 17th Annual Support Group Leaders’ Summit in 2023 truly took off to new heights!
  • The holidays are coming…send the gift of hope!
  • A Casino Night where you and your favourite cause are the winners!
  • Exciting news for the Myeloma Canada team
  • Spotlight on Dominic Jean: Honouring Aldo’s legacy
  • On the agenda: InfoWebinars
  • Congratulations to David McMullen!

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October 26, 2023


  • Selinexor is now funded in Nova Scotia and British Columbia
  • 8th Annual Patients Redefining the Future of Health Care in Canada Summit
  • Opinion: Precision medicine offers cancer patients a better chance at survival – why are we making them wait?
  • Partnering to raise awareness for Blood Cancer Awareness Month
  • World Amyloidosis Day
  • Read the last Multiple Myeloma March Mini Mag of 2023!
  • The results are in for the Défi Everest-Challenge!
  • New recipe: Veggie miso ramen
  • Spotlight on Jean Lelievre: Fulfilling my dreams in spite of multiple myeloma!
  • Montreal InfoSession
  • InfoWebinars
  • New InfoVideo
  • In the community

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