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Register for the Ride

NOTE: If you have participated in the 2021 Multiple Myeloma March, it is possible to access your past individual/team profile, however you must register for the 2022 Myeloma Canada Ride. During the registration process, there will be an option to access your past profile.

Registering for 2022 Myeloma Canada Ride is quick and easy. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Visit

2. Click “Find a City” and select your location.

If there is no scheduled Ride in your community, select the “Virtual” option.

Choose one of the 3 participant options:

  • Form a team (this will make you Team Captain)
  • Join an existing team (If a Team Captain has already created the team and you would like to join)
  • Register as an individual (if you are participating, but not part of a team)

3. Select “New” or “Returning Participant”: 

  • Is this your 1st year participating? Click “Join as a new participant”

  • If you have participated in  the 2021 Multiple Myeloma March, it is possible to use your past profile. At this stage, enter your username and password from 2021. If you forgot your login information, click “email me my login information”. Click here to see the video explaining how.

4. Follow the remaining steps to complete your registration:

  • Forming a new team? You’ll be asked to create a team name and set a team fundraising goal as team captain as well as your personal fundraising goal. Remember, the team page will reflect the sum raised by all of your team’s individual members. Your personal goal is the amount you aim to raise individually. You can change your personal and/or team goal any time you wish.

  • Are you a returning team? You’ll still be asked to bring back your team or create a new team, set a team fundraising goal, as well as your personal fundraising goal. Your past profiles will be kept active.

5. How to Log into your Participant Centre

  • Visit
  • Click “login” in the top menu.
Enter your username and password

  • Click “login”
Select the event you are participating in

NOTEIf you’re already logged in when you visit, a link for “My Participant Centre” will show in the top menu instead of “Login”.

To register for the Myeloma Canada Ride, click here.