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Aldo Del Col Research Grant


Myeloma Canada will fund patient-prioritized Canadian research projects that help address the knowledge gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of myeloma and/or related plasma cell disorders that were identified through the Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership (PSP).

The Myeloma PSP is a collaborative project between the Horizon Health Network, the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT UNIT (MSSU), and Myeloma Canada, and adhered to established PSP practices set by the James Lind Alliance. (Click here for the Top 10 priority questions within the published correspondence, “The future of myeloma research in Canada and beyond: results of a James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership”.)

Research proposals must:

  • be for projects of a duration of one or two years;
  • address one or more of the Top Ten priorities for multiple myeloma research in Canada as identified through the Myeloma PSP (click here to read the Top Ten priorities);
  • satisfy one or more of Myeloma Canada’s funded research principles. The research in question must have a direct impact on:
         -  improving the quality of life and/or survival of myeloma patients;
         -  increasing patient access to new myeloma therapies, new treatment combinations,
            or improved treatment administration;
         -  improving  myeloma healthcare delivery.

Ideally, the research should impact all Canadian patients and not just one particular Canadian centre or region. Patient involvement in the development of research protocols is an asset. Research proposals will be peer-reviewed by an Independent Research Review Committee (IRRC).


The principal applicant must be a researcher at any career stage, and be affiliated with a Canadian university, hospital, cancer centre, research institute, or non-profit organization. The submitted research may include collaborations with researchers affiliated outside Canada, however awarded funds may not be used to fund patient-based research outside Canada.

Non-profit bodies, charities, and industry partners may submit applications for research collaboration with Myeloma Canada. Research collaboration applications will undergo the same application and review processes described above.


Eligible applicants must complete and submit the Aldo Del Col Research Grant Application Form prior to the posted application deadline. Research proposals with timelines longer than two years will not be considered.

As part of the application process, eligible applicants must also:

  • successfully answer pre-screening eligibility questions;
  • accept the Applicant Terms and Conditions;
  • agree to provide an interim and/or a final status update according to the length of the research proposal.



For any questions or additional information regarding Myeloma Canada’s Aldo Del Col Research Grant, please contact Gabriele Colasurdo, Myeloma Canada’s Director of Science and Research, at [email protected]