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Gift of Shares

A Gift of Shares, Stocks, or Securities Can be a Cost-Effective Way to Support us

Supporting charitable organizations is a valued and respected part of the Canadian society. To encourage the gift of shares, the government has simplified the process by removing capital gains tax on shares and stocks donated. You can donate your shares to Myeloma Canada in a simple electronic transfer. Once received, we immediately issue a tax receipt for the fair market value. If deductions cannot be used for that calendar year, you can carry the remainder over the next five years.

Did you know?

If shares have appreciated in value at the time of transfer to Myeloma Canada, you pay no tax on the gain in value and still receive a charitable tax receipt for the highest value of the shares.

  Sell securities and Donate the After-Tax Proceeds Donate Securities
Original Cost of Securities $1000 $1000
Current Market Value $5000 $5000
Capital Gain $4000 $4000
Tax on Capital Gains $920 $0
Donation Amount After-Tax $4080


Your Charitable Tax Credit $1876 $2300

Donate Securities Now

Consult your financial advisor to learn more about donating your shares, stocks, or securities to Myeloma Canada.

For more information, please contact Michelle Oana, Director of Development and Community Relations, by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 514 421‑2242 (toll-free: 1-888 798‑5771).