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Donate a Service or Product

Offering your skills or in-kind goods is another great way to support Myeloma Canada

Donating a service is great way to support the myeloma community and Myeloma Canada’s mission. As a grassroots organization created by, and for, people living with multiple myeloma, we rely on your generosity. There is a myriad of services that you can provide: translation, content writing and editing, software design, promotion, graphic design, photography/videography, and social media management.

If you would rather donate tangible items, we also welcome in-kind donations. These can include water bottles, nutrition bars, audio-visual equipment, and arts and crafts supplies for our events - your donation can help us allot funds to other areas such as research and access to clinical trials.

If you wish to donate a service or product to Myeloma Canada, please click here to complete the form.