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Boost Your Fundraising Income

Here are a few simply ideas to help boost your fundraising income

Share your personal story
Be sure to let people know your motivation for fundraising. Sharing your personal connection to myeloma and why you want to support Myeloma Canada can be incredibly moving, educational, and inspiring to potential sponsors.

Set a target
Set a fundraising target and tell everyone about it. This is a great way to generate some excitement as you strive to meet and surpass your goal. Having a target also encourages people to give generously.

Online Fundraising
Fundraising webpages are an easy, safe, and effective way to raise money for personal fundraising campaigns.  Please contact us to set your fundraising page up. Be sure to customize your page with a personal story, photos, or videos to tell people why you are fundraising. Once the page is created, email it to your contacts, and share it to your social media pages.

Use social media and email to spread the word
Post your fundraising initiative on your personal pages and send out an e-blast to your network of contacts. Share a personal story and attach a few pictures if you can. If you’re social media savvy, set up your own Facebook Fan page and post your progress. However you choose to spread the word, be sure to add a link so people can donate directly, whether it be to your fundraising webpage, or directly to the Myeloma Canada website.

If your event takes place in a social club, restaurant, or hall, ask for a charity discount on your booking fee.

Get your office involved
Many companies are more than willing to help out a colleague or employee with a fundraising effort. Here are a few ways they can help:

Matched giving: Matched giving is when an employer matches the total or a portion of the total funds an employee has raised or donated to a charity. Check with your employer to see if they have a matched giving policy.

Build a team: Many companies seek opportunities for team building events, and welcome events aimed at raising funds for a good cause.  More hands on deck means more exposure, more motivation, and most of all, more funds raised.

Get the kids Involved
Have children take part  in your fundraising activities. Whether it’s by selling raffle tickets, helping with the bake sale, or volunteering at an event, it’s a great way to introduce them to philanthropy and community involvement.

Create a challenge
Everyone loves a challenge. Whether it’s beard shaving, poutine eating contests, arm wrestling, or giving up a vice, make it interesting. Your donors need incentives.