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Our health care system is complex. There are many key decision makers at either federal, national or provincial levels that are responsible for the health care services Canadians receive from coast to coast. Myeloma Canada has partnered with other patient organizations and coalitions to drive change towards a more favourable patient-focused environment:

  • "Recommendations on Proposed Amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations" co-written by Myeloma Canada and endorsed by 16 other patient organizations in June 2017.
  • On February 14, 2018 Myeloma Canada and 27 other patient organizations sent their recommendations to the Health Canada consultation process on the proposed changes to the PMPRB guidelines under the Canada Gazette-Part 1 process. Our submission can be found here.
  • In April 2018, 13 patient organizations including Myeloma Canada signed and affirmed their position on a whitepaper called "Improving Access to Innovative Therapies in Canada". In this paper, we argue that there is a gap in access to innovative new cancer drug therapies, effectively denying or delaying potentially life-saving treatment for many cancer patients in Canada.
  • Internationally, Myeloma Canada is founding member of the Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN). The Global Myeloma Action Network brings together advocacy leaders to mobilize the myeloma community to improve the lives of patients around the world.