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PSP Research Priorities

Started in the fall of 2019, the Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is a unique project that surveyed the Canadian myeloma community to determine their Top 10 priorities for future myeloma research. A pan-Canadian committee – consisting of Canadians living with myeloma, caregivers, and healthcare professionals ­– worked together through the established James Lind Alliance (JLA) process to vet over 3,000 questions before arriving at the final Top 10. 

"The future of myeloma research in Canada and beyond: results of a James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership"

There were many common themes that emerged from the bank of questions received, most of which centred around improving the time and process for diagnoses, lifestyle, and quality of life. While the PSP focuses on the Top 10, we have safeguarded all questions for future consideration.

Our involvement in the Myeloma PSP reflects our commitment to support research that matters most to our community members living with, or otherwise impacted by this complex disease.

Click here to read the published paper in the British Society for Haematology which includes the list of the Top 10 future myeloma research questions.



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