April 23, 2024

Impact of Systemic Delays for Patient Access to Oncology Drugs on Clinical, Economic, and Quality of Life Outcomes in Canada: A Call to Action 

“Canada has one of the most complex and rigorous drug approval and public reimbursement processes and is, unfortunately, one of the countries with the longest delays in drug access. To assess the overall impact of systemic delays in access to cancer therapy, a targeted literature review (TLR) was performed to identify studies associated with the clinical, economic, and quality of life impacts of delayed access to oncology drugs.” 

Read the rest of the article by Martine Elias, CEO of Myeloma Canada, Sandeep Sehdev, medical oncologist at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Joanna Gotfrit, medical oncologist at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, and Barry D. Stein from Colorectal Cancer Canada. 

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