May 19, 2022


This past month along with the CANcertainty coalition, Myeloma Canada continued to advocate for the needs of Ontarians with multiple myeloma in the Ontario Budget planning process.

Joining a group of 30+ likeminded cancer patient organizations in the call for equal access to take-home cancer drugs we reached out to several Ontario politicians including the Premier and Minister of Health, elevating the unique perspective of Ontarians living with myeloma.

Unlike many other provinces, individuals under the age of 65 in Ontario face serious systemic and financial barriers to accessing take-home cancer drugs. In our correspondence, we implored the Ontario government to make an investment of approximately $30 million per year, which would help bridge the financial gap for underinsured and insured Ontarians.

Take-home cancer drugs frequently include the innovative new therapies which are more likely to achieve better outcomes for patients, and Myeloma Canada remains deeply committed to ensuring all Ontarians and all Canadians with myeloma, can gain equal access to the live-saving treatments they need.