November 17, 2021


We’re thrilled to share that on Nov 12th, the IMF announced the appointment of Yelak Biru as their new CEO, replacing Susie Durie. Diagnosed with myeloma in 1995 at the age of 25, Yelak is a strong patient and research advocate and served as Patient Advocate on the IMF Board of Directors. Read more on Yelak here.

Myeloma Canada has always enjoyed a very positive and collaborative relationship with the IMF and Susie – Martine Elias, our Executive Director – sits on their Board of Directors. With Yelak’s appointment, we know this will continue to grow strong. Yelak is a great friend and supporter of our organization – some of you may remember his presentation at our 2019 Support Group Leaders’ Summit – we couldn’t be more thrilled for him.

There is no doubt Yelak will be a great addition to the IMF’s leadership and for all those living with myeloma around the world!

Read the official letter of Myeloma Canada

Read the press release here