December 14, 2020


It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Dr Arleigh Robertson McCurdy and Dr Hira Mian to our Board of Directors. 

Dr McCurdy is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, Division of Hematology and Department of Medicine. She is the Lead of the Multiple Myeloma Program at The Ottawa Hospital and a Clinician Investigator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Ottawa, Ontario. Dr McCurdy holds a Masters of Health Administration degree from Dalhousie University and has a keen interest in health policy. Her clinical research is focused on multiple myeloma and related disorders. In addition, Dr McCurdy is an active member of the Canadian Myeloma Research Group (CMRG) and the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, Myeloma Committee.

Dr Hira Mian is a hematologist at the Juravinski Cancer Centre and an assistant professor within the department of oncology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where she specializes in multiple myeloma. Dr Mian completed her clinical training at the University of Toronto and furthered her research training at McMaster University where she obtained her Masters in Health Research Methodology, as well as completed the Royal College Accredited Clinician Investigator Program. Dr Mian’s research interests center around health services and outcomes, with a specific focus on disparities in access to care/outcomes and quality of life among patients with myeloma. She is also very involved in research activities with the Canadian Myeloma Research Group (CMRG), the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Group as well as the International Society of Geriatric Oncology.

We’re thrilled to have Drs McCurdy and Mian as our newest Myeloma Canada Board members. Their professional expertise and insights as clinicians will not only enrich and enlighten our Board, but will have a positive impact on Myeloma Canada’s direction and programming.