October 11, 2019

The 10th Edition of the Myeloma Canada Scientific Roundtable was a Great Success

On October 4th and 5th, leading hematologists and myeloma researchers from around the country and the United States gathered in Montreal for the 10th edition of the Myeloma Canada Scientific Roundtable. Considered as a must-attend scientific event, the topics discussed were captivating for the 120 participants. The diversity of topics, such as immunotherapy, advancement in bone imaging, tri-functional T-cell antigen coupler, adaptive T-cell strategies, and the influence of microbiome in myeloma, made this event a true success.

For the 10th edition, nurses were also amongst the participants. As an integral part of patient care, attending nurses benefited from an exchange of knowledge on the future of the disease and its treatments.

Thank you to all participants and collaborators for making this event a success!