May 20, 2019


Way back on May 20, 1747, Dr James Lind, a medical doctor, conducted what is

thought to be the first randomized clinical trial on board the HMS Salisbury. Dr Lind

divided 12 men with scurvy into six groups of two and experimented with six different treatments: each pair of men received either cider, sulphuric acid, vinegar, sea water, two oranges and one lemon, or a paste of garlic, mustard seed, dried radish root and gum myrrh. The pair that recovered most visibly, was, of course, the pair that received citrus fruit…and just like that, the first clinical trial was born!

We believe in the power and importance of clinical trials as an essential part of furthering research and developing new and effective drugs for improving longevity and quality of life. And so, we continue to focus on increasing awareness for Canadian clinical trials, as well as providing answers to frequently asked questions, and debunking myths and fears that may be associated with participation. 

Our co-founder, Aldo Del Col, shares his perspective on clinical trials and why they are important in keeping the science ahead of the disease. Watch our new video ” Keeping the Science Ahead of Me: Aldo’s Story”.