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Windsor & District Multiple Myeloma Support Group

The Windsor & District Multiple Myeloma Support Group is a patient-managed and patient-centred group comprised of Myeloma & MGUS patients, newly diagnosed patients, caregivers, as well as a circle of mutual support from those who are further along in their journey with myeloma. Together as patients, caregivers, family and friends we learn how to live with the disease.

The purpose of the Support Group is to explore and discuss the wide range of treatment options and to give myeloma patients and their loved ones the support and information they need to live longer, stronger lives.. 

If multiple myeloma is affecting your life, you do not have to feel alone. There are others in the Windsor area making the same journey. 

We invite you to join us as we share support, comfort, information and friendship. The journey is made easier by the company we keep.

For more information contact: 

JoAnn Cartlidge (519) 326-1271

Email: [email protected]