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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Given the current pandemic and uncertainty for the future with regards to physical distancing measures this fall, will the Multiple Myeloma Marches still be taking place?

The safety of our community is always our number 1 priority. Rest assured we will absolutely not put anyone’s health at risk. As you know, we’re keeping a close eye on the rapidly evolving situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to keep you updated on new developments. Having said that, some of the best ideas are born out of necessity and so, we’ve stepped up our game with new, exciting improvements and changes to our 2020 Multiple Myeloma March platform and campaign. We’re adapting this year’s campaign to keep you more connected and more active than ever! Whether we walk physically together or not this fall, you’re going to love the personal challenge of staying active all spring and summer long!

2.    How are you adapting this year’s Marches?

For the first-time ever, you’ll be able to set your own personal distance goal starting from the day you register until the day of your community Multiple Myeloma March this fall (whether it be virtual or live). What this means is that instead of being limited to the original 5km we’ve always done, you can now challenge yourself and go as far as you’d like… 5km, 50, or 100 or even 500km! This new Personal Distance Tracker will be a great way to stay healthy, active and motivated throughout the months leading to the actual Multiple Myeloma March date in your area. And here’s the best part: by setting up your distance challenge in your Participant Centre and keeping your progress updated, we’ll be able to tally the total kilometres walked by our entire community from coast-to-coast! We’ll really be able to virtually walk the walk all together, bringing us closer to one another than ever.

3.    What should I do if the in-person March does not take place in my community?

Whether you can gather together for your in-person event or not, the March will go on! Here’s how:

If your community March doesn’t take place in the traditional sense due to COVID-19 related restrictions, we invite you and your team to still register for the Multiple Myeloma March, and participate in a 5km walk - on the same day and time as the scheduled event - in your own community or neighborhood. It’s the perfect compromise because we are definitely not cancelling!

If your Multiple Myeloma March does go ahead as planned but you’re not able to attend, we also encourage you to still participate in your neighbourhood, on the same day and at the same time as the physical event. Many March leaders are working on a virtual option where you’ll be able to join in ‘virtually’ during the opening ceremonies so that everyone can be together.

The most important thing is to stay and feel safe while keeping the energy and excitement going. It doesn't matter if we're all together, or just with close family, we can still make the event happen one way or another, have a great time and raise funds and awareness for myeloma

4.    How do I set up my new Personal Distance Tracker Goal in my Participant Centre and how do I update it?

Once logged in to your participant centre (steps to login below), click on the "home" tab. Next, click on "Update Distance Tracker" located in the menu on the right hand side of the screen. Set your total distance goal in kilometres. Then, enter your total distance reached in kilometres to date (update regularly). Note: the distance tracker will not automatically calculate any updates, you will need to manually tabulate your new total. Meaning, if you were at 10km, and you walked an additional 5km today, your new entry update is 15km.

 How to Log into your Participant Centre

  •      Visit
  •      Click “login” in the top menu.
  •      Enter your username and password
  •      Click “login”
  •      Select the event you are participating in.

Note: If you’re already logged in when you visit, a link for “My Participant Centre” will show in the top menu instead of “Login”.

5.   How do I track my distance goal and set up my challenge?

The options for creating your own personal challenge are endless!

Please remember , the new Personal Distance Tracker is an optional feature. Whether you’re walking, running, or rolling, the important thing is to stay positive, active and keep moving forward! We’ll be with you every step of the way no matter how far you decide to go.

 How to set up your Personal Distance Tracker challenge:

a.    Set a personal distance goal for yourself before you register for your Multiple Myeloma March. It could be 5km, 50km, 500km…you decide what works for you!

b.    Register at with one of the participating communities. (No March in your area? No problem! Register for the Virtual Multiple Myeloma March option here).

c.    Track your progress over the spring and summer using your favourite fitness tracker (smartphone, smartwatch, fitbit etc).

d.    Log on to your Multiple Myeloma March Participant Centre and update your progress by using the new personalized distance feature. See question 3 to learn how.

e.    Motivate your network to sponsor you. Whether reaching out to your network via the Participant Centre or by email for donations, get creative with your fundraising by tying it to your distance goal: pledge $X/km, ask your supporters to donate $X for every milestone reached, or challenge yourself to match the #km’s walked to the amount of $ donated… the ideas are endless.

6.     How can I participate if there is no March in my community?

No March? No problem. Register for the Virtual Multiple Myeloma March and get started today. Simply Click on “Find a city” and select the “Virtual” option.

7.    How do I see who has donated to me or my team?

a.      Login into your Participant Centre, as per steps in “Registering for the Multiple Myeloma March”.

b.      If you’re registering as part of a team, it is important to note that a donor can either make a donation to a participant, or directly to the team. Therefore, in the Participant Centre, the donations will be split up as such.

c.      Once logged in, click on the “Progress” tab. This will show you the total raised on your personal page. If you scroll down, you’ll find a full list of donors in the “Donation History” section.

d.      To view the donations made to the team page, there is a tab on the right-hand side of the page that allows you to toggle between your personal and your team page. To see the list of donations made directly to the team, just click on the team tab, and choose “Team-Specific Donation History”.

8.    Someone made a donation to my team but I cannot see it on my page, why is that?

It depends on where and how the donation was made. Firstly, the donor has the choice to make their name, donation amount, or both, anonymous to the public. Therefore, on your personal or team webpage, the donation may show in your list of donors as name only, donation amount only, or not at all. In any case, the donation is still counted in your fundraising total. You’ll still be able to see a full list and donation amount in your Participant Centre by following the steps in question 6.

Secondly, if you are part of a team, the donor has the choice to make a donation to a personal team member, or to the team itself. Therefore, their donation will appear on the page where the donation was made. Rest assured, all donations made to either the participant or to the team, are tallied into the team total. For example, let’s say Mary and Mark are part of Team Myeloma. Mary receives a donation of $20, and Mark receives a donation of $20. Each of their personal pages will reflect a donation of $20, and the team page will show $40. However, if a donor makes a donation directly to Team Myeloma for $40, the Team page will show a donation of $40, but both Mary and Mark’s pages will show $0. Therefore, the team total is the true total.

9.    How do I find a participant or a team to make a donation?

Visit and click “donate”. There will then be an option to search for a participant, team or city. Type in the appropriate information and the search results will appear. Select the participant you intend to donate to by clicking the “donate” now next to their name in the search results.

10.    I would like to make a donation by cash or cheque, or phone-in by credit card. Is this ok?

Absolutely, in fact, the sooner you mail in your donations with the Offline donation form the sooner your fundraising thermometre will rise on your webpage. If you don’t have a printer to print out the Offline donation form, please include a very clear note indicating the instructions for your donation (i.e.: under who’s name or team the donation goes), including your full contact information, including your email address, for tax receipt purposes. Please note that online donations made to you or your team are instantaneous! As soon as a donation is made, you’ll receive an email to let you know.

11.    Do I need to register online before the event?

Yes please. We do ask that you register online prior to the March in which you plan on participating for organizational purposes. Registration is free, only takes a few minutes to set up and helps us enormously.

12.    What if I can’t walk the whole 5km?

No worries! Whether you walk the whole 5km or you’re a sideline cheerleader, your participation in the event is what counts and helps us move closer to finding a cure.