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March is Myeloma Awareness Month. Together, let’s stop this devastating cancer from cutting short the lives of those we love.

Please give as generously as you can for:

  • the 11 Canadians diagnosed every day
  • those who haven’t yet been diagnosed
  • the tens of thousands living with this complicated and, as of yet, incurable blood cancer
  • their loved ones.

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Canadians with myeloma need you. Help Canadians get diagnosed earlier for brighter futures. Your gift will enable us to continue making remarkable strides in myeloma education, awareness, community empowerment, advocacy and drug access while supporting investments in myeloma research, so that the thousands of Canadians with myeloma, their families and loved ones, can enjoy each other longer.

Please give as generously as you can.
Myeloma is still an incurable blood cancer…for now. Your support can help change that.

YES! I’m making my donation today for the 11 every day, and the thousands more.

On behalf of the thousands of Canadians affected by this devastating disease, thank you for making myeloma matter.

*; Canadian Cancer Statistics: A 2022 special report on cancer prevalence.