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The MCRN Approach

An Integrated Approach from Clinical Research to Drug Access

Bringing More Clinical Trials, to More Patients, in More Centres Across Canada

The MCRN brings innovative Canadian-designed clinical trials to hundreds of patients in 24 centres in 9 provinces across Canada, in order to study the efficacy of new treatments that are not yet approved by Health Canada or new treatment combinations. Furthermore, focusing on high-impact Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, the collaboration amongst the centres allows the network of researchers to leverage expertise and share findings and knowledge amongst all of the members across the country, specifically in:

  • Genomics
  • Drug target evaluation
  • Minimal residual disease • Mechanisms of resistance • Cell therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • High-risk disease

We're bringing world-class clinical trials to Canadian patients

Director of the Program for Multiple Myeloma and Related Diseases at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Dr Donna Reece

Advantages and benefits

MCRN was established to facilitate accelerated set-up, rapid recruitment and cost-effective, clinically-relevant trials in Canada. The advantages and benefits of the MCRN structure are as follows: 

  • Rapid accrual
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Quality of results
  • One-stop access to Canada’s network of myeloma investigators and academic centres
  • Proven track record
  • Collaboration with international experts
  • Patient-centricity

As the MCRN's clinical trial portfolio continues to grow, and with the recent launch of the MCRN Canadian Multiple Myeloma Database, we will now be able to better gather patient outcome data from across the country to identify the optimal treatment approaches, using real-world evidence. The national database will also help support public funding decisions with real-world data that will provide compelling clinical evidence to confirm the superiority of a novel treatment or combination.

Ultimately, research conducted in this collaborative, entrepreneurial setting promotes the advancement of clinical research and dissemination of results at an accelerated pace in Canada.