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Myeloma Advocacy Program 3.0



As someone who cares about the thousands of Canadians living with multiple myeloma, we would like to ask for one minute of your time to help significantly improve and extend the precious lives of Canadians living with myeloma.

Why are Canadian patients still waiting for Kyprolis (carfilzomib) after more than 2 years of being Health Canada Approved?

Over two years ago, Kyprolis was approved by Health Canada for the treatment of myeloma and been recommended for funding by the provinces. All the appropriate steps have been taken, and now it’s finally up to the provinces and territories to put Kyprolis on their public drug plans that would allow Canadians to access it. Yet, after two years into this lengthy process, we are still waiting. Why?

This delay is unacceptable. Although a positive step forward, completed negotiations mean nothing if patients still don’t have access to this life-saving treatment. Now more than ever, we need to work together to eradicate unnecessary delays in accessing treatments, especially those that have proven to make a difference in improving patient outcomes. Thousands of patients depend on it.

In just one minute, you can make all the difference.

We need you to take a moment and contact your local provincial politician. We make it easy. Visit our website and follow the steps to connect with your local representative. Let them know you support the federal government’s recommendation for the provinces to fully fund Kyprolis and that we now need them to do the same.

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It only takes a minute for your voice to be heard. You can make a difference.